Figure 1. Top-level program specifications.

Top-level program specifications.

Act 1, Scene 1
A family of three penguins, papa, mama, and baby, are wandering aimlessly on the ice.  There is a loud noise and a hole appears in the ice.  All eyes turn to face the hole in the ice.

Act 1, Scene 2
Papa decides to take a swim and walks to the hole.  He also decides to show off a little in the process, and acts like an Olympic diver going through his routine.  After showing off, he dives head first into the water and there is the sound of a large splash.

Act 2
The mama and baby penguins walk to the edge of the hole and look in. 
(Note that Act 2 is not subdivided into scenes.)

Supplemental Information

3D text appears on the screen at the beginning and the end of the animated presentation.

Transitions with special effects are used to bridge the gaps from one scene to the next.

The program illustrates camera control in addition to the animation of the penguin characters.