Figure 3. Specification for the manual setup.

Specification for the manual setup.
  • Create a new world using the snow template.
  • Name the new program Penguins02.
  • Rename the default world-level method from my_first_method to main.
  • Add three penguin objects and a circle object to the world.
  • Add a 3D text object to the world.  Make it read "Penguins02"
  • Rename the objects papa, mama, baby, hole and TextPenguins02.
  • Resize papa by a factor of 1.2.
  • Resize baby by a factor of 0.6.
  • Color papa a light tan.
  • Color baby a light pink.
  • Color the hole black.
  • Color the TextPenguins02 object MAGENTA.
  • Resize the hole to make it slightly larger than the maximum width of papa.
  • Set the opacity property value of the ground, papa, mama, baby, hole, and TextPenguins02 objects to 0%