Specification for the manual setup

Display Figure 3.

Manual setup doesn't actually constitute program code.

Essential that it be done correctly.

Needs to be specified in writing.

Detailed specification for the manual setup is provided in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Specification for the manual setup.
Specification for the manual setup.
  • Create a new world using the snow template.
  • Name the new program Penguins02.
  • Rename the default world-level method from my_first_method to main.
  • Add three penguin objects and a circle object to the world.
  • Add a 3D text object to the world.  Make it read "Penguins02"
  • Rename the objects papa, mama, baby, hole and TextPenguins02.
  • Resize papa by a factor of 1.2.
  • Resize baby by a factor of 0.6.
  • Color papa a light tan.
  • Color baby a light pink.
  • Color the hole black.
  • Color the TextPenguins02 object MAGENTA.
  • Resize the hole to make it slightly larger than the maximum width of papa.
  • Set the opacity property value of the ground, papa, mama, baby, hole, and TextPenguins02 objects to 0%