Events Defined in the JComponent Class
  • addAncestorListener(AncestorListener listener) Registers listener so that it will receive AncestorEvents when it or any of its  ancestors move or are made visible or invisible.
  • addPropertyChangeListener (PropertyChangeListener listener) Add a PropertyChangeListener to the listener list.
  • addPropertyChangeListener(String propertyName, PropertyChangeListener listener) Add a PropertyChangeListener for a specific property.
  • addVetoableChangeListener (VetoableChangeListener listener) Add a VetoableChangeListener to the listener list.
  • removeAncestorListener(AncestorListener listener) Unregisters listener so that it will no longer receive AncestorEvents
  • removePropertyChangeListener (PropertyChangeListener listener) Remove a PropertyChangeListener from the listener list.
  • removePropertyChangeListener(String propertyName, PropertyChangeListener listener) Remove a PropertyChangeListener for a specific property.
  • removeVetoableChangeListener (VetoableChangeListener listener) Remove a VetoableChangeListener from the listener list.

Figure 3