<!--File jsp002.jsp
Illustrates comments intended for output to the
HTML file.

Illustrates hidden comments.

Also illustrates expressions.

Access http://localhost:8080/jsp002.jsp to run 
this JSP file in the Sun jswdk-1.0.1 reference 
implementation of jsp. 

You must download and install the reference 
implementation first. Then you must place a 
copy of this JSP file in the directory named
webpages in the directory tree where the Sun 
jswdk-1.0.1 reference implementation is 
installed on your disk. 

end comment -->

  <!-- HTML comment without JSP expression -->
  <!-- HTML comment with JSP -->
  <!-- expression follows -->
  <!-- Date and time is
            Fri Feb 11 22:30:37 CST 2000 -->

  <!-- The following space was produced by  -->
  <!-- hidden comments. -->

Figure 2