<!--File jsp008.jsp
Copyright R.G.Baldwin 2000
Rev 02/25/00
Illustrates jsp:useBean

Illustrates calling getter and setter methods
as well as calling an ordinary exposed method
of the bean named exposedMethod().

This file must be stored in the following


Access http://localhost:8080/jsp008.jsp to run 
this JSP file in the Sun jswdk-1.0.1 reference 
implementation of jsp.

Requires a bean file named jspBeanTest001.class
to be stored in the following directory:


The bean must have setter and getter methods
for a property named size, and must have an
ordinary exposed method named exposedMethod().


    <P>Example jsp008.jsp<BR><BR>

    <P> Create or locate an instance of the<BR>
    bean named:<BR><BR>
      class="BaldwinBeans.jspBeanTest001" />

    <P>Display default size property of the <BR>
    bean using the getter mehod.<BR><BR>
    <%= theBean.getSize() %>

    <P>Set the size property of the bean to<BR>
    Large using the setter method.<BR><BR>
    <% theBean.setSize("Large"); %>

    <P>Get and display the size property<BR> 
    again using the getter method.<BR><BR>
    <%= theBean.getSize() %>

    <P>Invoke an exposed method on the bean.
    <%= theBean.exposedMethod() %>

    <P>Have a good day.


Figure 2