/*File jspBeanTest002.java
Copyright 2000, R.G.Baldwin
Rev 02/26/00

This bean is used to test the JSP page in 
the file named jsp010.jsp.  Note that this
Bean does not adhere to JavaBean design
patterns.  Therefore, in order to function
as a Bean, it must be accompanied by a 
class file that implements the BeanInfo
interface. See the file named


package BaldwinBeans;
import java.io.Serializable;
public class jspBeanTest002 
                    implements Serializable{
  private String size = "Large";
  public void xsetSize(String size){
    this.size = size;
  }//end xsetSize()
  public String xgetSize(){
    return size;
  }//end xgetSize()

}//end class jspBeanTest002

Figure 1