Articles on topics not covered elsewhere

Java Consultant Quotes and Statistics, IBM
" What do Java Users want? Zona Research 1997 (Java's Head of Steam in Two Years) - A survey of 279 corporations has found that:97% will use Java for server..."
AFCs snarl developers
"... proprietary calls undermine Microsoft's cross-platform promise...Developers counting on Microsoft Corp.'s APIs for creating enterprise Web applications are ...."
Asia Media's MyWeb Announces Sun ...
"Asia Media Communications Ltd. (OTC BB:ASMCD) today announced a licensing and marketing partnership agreement between its MyWeb subsidiary and Sun Microsystems..."
Coding Conventions for ... Java applications
One group's opinion on how you should write your source code.
Does Java Y2K? by John Zukowski
"Have you ever wondered about the Y2K readiness of Java technologies? Though compliant now, Java has not been from day one. You would think by the time Java was..."
How Microsoft Hopes to Kidnap Java
"In 1995, Sun Microsystems gave birth to Java. In 1997, Microsoft hopes to steal Java away and raise it as its own. The kidnapping plot revolves around "founda..."
Inside Java Class Files
"In this article, I'll explore the key to Java's binary portability - its unique class file format. In the process, I'll present two programs: JavaDump, for ..."
Inside Java Class Files, source and docs
"This source code and documentation accompanies the article "Inside Java Class Files" by Matt Yourst in Doctor Dobb's Journal (January 1998.) ..."
Instant ASP
"Theseapplications, based on the Microsoft Active Server Page (ASP) interface or Sun Microsystems' JavaServer Page (JSP), can be deployed on all standard server..."
Intro Level Articles
Links to and descriptions of articles from JavaWorld magazine catagorized to be at the Intro Level.
"This Netscape TechNote describes how to use LiveConnect. First, we will explore how to use JavaScript to communicate with a Java applet and a Navigator plug-in..."
Java Cookbook: Creating Global Applications
From IBM, "The emergence of the Internet and other distributed networks puts increasing importance on the ability to create global software--that is, software ..."
Java Distributed Computing White Papers
Several white papers in PDF format including JavaSpaces, RMI, and Enterprise Java Beans.
Java's First 1,000 Days
"Java only became available in May, 1995. Take a look at the momentum Java has generated in a little over 3 years! - 0 to 70 million Java enabled seats ..."
Kaffe Wins 1998 JavaWorld Editor' Choice... Award for Best Java Virtual Machine
"In JavaWorld's most recent Editor's ChoiceAwards, Transvirtual's Open Source JavaVirtual Machine, Kaffe, walked away withthe prestigious Best Virtual Machine..."
Microsoft Wins a Java Ruling - Zukowski
"U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte ruled this week that Microsoft isfree to ship independent implementations of Java technologies. After ruling in November..."
Performance Tip for Java
Part of a slide show on Java performance by Marie Alm. This will get you into the slide show and you can navigate from there using available navigation controls.
A press release regarding an agreement with TCI for the use of Personal Java in settop boxex. - Wasn't Personal Java abondoned during JovaOne-99?
Pouring Java into Linux boxes, IBM brings ...
"A powerful Java development tool for Linux has topped the list of most-requested enhancements onSun Microsystems' Java Developers Connection Website for some..."
Remote Java ActiveX Server
"R-JAX is designed to serve as a bridge ... it allows developers to develop Java applications and still be able to leverage their existing investment in ActiveX .."
The Ecology of Java
"Transvirtual's CEO Tim Wilkinson talks to Salon Magazine about Java for embedded systems...."
The Path to Useful Coding Conventions
"If you ask any programmer on your team, odds are that they'll agree with the fact that coding conventions are auseful tool. However, if you ask the same...."
When in Rome.... by Jonathan Knudsen
"This month we'll teach Java to speak Latin. Specifically, I'll show you how to generate and parse Roman numerals. ..."
Windows 95/98 Java Tip by John Zukowski
"Recently I got a new laptop for work that has Windows 98 installed. Since my desktop machine is Windows NT4.0-based, I quickly ran across a configuration..."
Year 2000 statement from IBM
"In December 1997, IBM received a letter from Sun stating that the Java Development Kit (JDK) versions 1.1.4 and later were Year 2000 ready. Therefore, any JDK ..."