Java Programming Basics

Applications of Concurrency
"Concurrency opens up design possibilities that are impractical in sequential programs. Threads liberate you from the limitations of code that invokes a method ..."
AWT Button, Checkbox, Choice, and List ...
Components that provide for user input without using the keyboard.
AWT Canvas Component
"A Canvas component represents a blank rectangular area of the screenonto which the application can draw or from which the application cantrap input events from..."
AWT Checkbox Menus
Discusses and and provides a sample program for CheckboxMenuItem Class - Produces a checkbox that represents a choice in a menu.
AWT Container, Panel, Windiw...
Some basic GUI programming concepts using the AWT.
AWT Dialog Class
"A class that produces a dialog - a window that takes input from the user. The default layout for a dialog is BorderLayout. Dialogs are capable of generating ..."
AWT Menus (ordinary menus)
Sample program uses the Menu, MenuItem, MenuBar, and MenuShortcut classes.
AWT Popup Menus
Discusses and and provides a sample program for PopupMenu Class - Implements a menu which can be dynamically popped within a component.
AWT TextField, TextArea, and Label Classes
AWT components that deal with text.
Concurrent Programming In Java
Patterns: Most patterns in this supplement are grouped differently than in the book. The book exposes patterns in the course of discussing principles. Here, they..."
Concurrent Programming in Java
"Series Foreword The Java Series books provide definitive reference documentation for Java programmers and end users. They are written by members of the Java team.."
Concurrently Available Methods
"Non-interfering methods comprising a service (as perhaps defined by an interface) can be made concurrently available by splitting them into different objects ..."
Exceptions in Java by Bill Venners
"For those of you who need a refresher on exceptions, this cover story companion piece is a valuable tutorial on the nuts and bolts of what exceptions are and ..."
Expressions and Statements by Bill Venners
"Another difference between the source files of C++ and the source files of Java is that Java source is written in Unicode, a 16-bit international character set..."
Graphics - Animation and Double Buffering
"Will extend what you know into a classical graphics problem - animation. To improve the illusion ofmotion will also introduce the use of double buffering ...."
Graphics - Getting Started
Takes a look at some relatively simple but interesting programs that illustrate the rendering of shapes and fonts.
Graphics - Overview of Advanced Image Proc...
"To an image-processing novice like myself, the advanced image processing capabilities of Java are somewhat mind-boggling. It would seem that a group of..."
Graphics and Colors - An Overview
"The Graphics class isthe abstract base class that provides all, or at least most, of the functionality for an application to draw onto components and onto..."
Graphics- Introduction to Images
"Provides an introduction to the handling of images in Java, including sample programs that illustrate some of the methods used to display an image in a Frame..."
Graphics- The Utility Methods
"What does it mean to "get a graphics context?" In layman's terms, this means that your application has gained the ability to draw or place images on a compone...."
Graphics- Working with Fonts
"You must understand the following classes (as a minimum) to understand how to draw text on the screen: String, Font, FontMetrics, and Toolkit..."
Graphics- Working with Shapes
Sample program contains sample drawings of most of the available shapes. Some are drawn more than once to illustrate different aspects of the associated method.
How Java Technology Makes Computing Easier
"You don't need to be a mechanic to drive a car. Why should you have to be a "system administrator" to use a computer? With Java software, you don't have tobe ..."
How the JavaTM Platform Works
"Java technology-based software is typically delivered over a network,and can also be installed on computers from traditional media such asCD-ROMs. The same ...."
Interfaces by Bill Venners
"As illustrated in the previous chapter, one of the most important benefits of classextension is that you can take advantage of polymorphism. In an inheritance ..."
JavaTM Technology in Your Future
"When will all this be available? The Java platform is widely available today; it's built into tens of millions of popular Web browsers, and can run applications...."
Lightweight Components, A Lightweight 3D...
"Following a general discussion on lightweight components, this lesson develops and discusses a class for a lightweight version of a 3D button that generally ..."
Lightweight Components, Exercising the ...
"This lesson provides several different applications designed to exercise the lightweight button under different layout managers. This provides the opportunity..."
Object Initialization by Bill Venners
"Variables have lifetimes. The lifetime of an instance variable matches that of the object towhich it belongs. The lifetime of a class variable matches that of..."
Object Initialization in Java by Bill Venners
"This article describes in detail the process of object initialization in Java programs. It discusses constructors, initializers, instance initialization..."
Object Serialization, A First Look
"Object Serialization makes it possible to write objects to streams and read objects from streams without the requirement to decompose those objects into their..."
Packages and Access Levels by Bill Venners
"The process of software design is largely a process of organizing. The previousthree chapters explored the object-oriented ways you can organize a Java progra...."
Polymorphism by Bill Venners
"There are two good reasons to learn the meaning of polymorphism. First, usingsuch a fancy word in casual conversation makes you sound intelligent. Second, f..."
Reflection and the Method Class - I
"Reflection Enables Java code to discover information about the fields, methods and constructors of loaded classes, and to use reflected fields, methods, and..."
Reflection and the Method Class - II
"The purpose of this lesson is to demonstrate the invoke() method of the Method class using a very simple example program. More complicated programs which..."
Reflection and the Method Class - III
"This program uses reflection and hashtables to receive ActionEvents from several different sources and route them to the same or different destination methods ..."
Reflection FAQ
"What kind of applications might want to use the Reflection API? The Reflection API is intended for use by tools such as debuggers, class browsers, object ..."
The Java Language, An Overview
"The Java programming language and environment is designed to solve a number of problems in modern programming practice. Java started as a part of a larger proj..."
Under the Hood articles by Bill Venners
Articles written by Venners in 1996 and 1997. Even though they are historical documents by Java standards, if you are just learning Java, you may find them useful.
Using Reflection with Object Serialization ...
"This application is designed to illustrate the reflection capability of Java when used in conjunction with Object Serialization and Inner Classes..."
What is the Java Platform? from Sun
The Java platform is a fundamentally new way of computing, based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on many different ..."
What Java Technology Means to Business, ...
"So, what does the Java platform really do? It simplifies computing, both for users, and for the companies building and using computers andsoftware. Java techno..."
What's New in 1.2 by Bill Venners
"From its initial release, performance on the Java platform has been problematic. The first Java Virtual Machine (JVM) implementation Sun released was an...."
Why Java Technology is So Important
"Why is Java technology so important? It'sthe network! With Java technology, the Internet and private networks become your computing environment. Coupled with ..."