JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

Brew Your Own Java Applets
"JavaBeans, CORBA, RMI, AFC. . . . With all of the "standards" percolating aroundJava, can any development tool hope to keep up? It seems impossible, but ..." directories
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Enterprise JavaBeans - A Shark in the...
"Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a specification for a distributed, cross-platform,server-side, component architecture for the Java platform. EJB allowsdevelopers..."
Enterprise JavaBeans: Answers ...
"The Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) specification provides a framework for creatingreusable business logic components without regard to system infrastructure or..."
Enterprise JavaBeans technology, from Sun
"No technology is viable over the long term on buzz alone. So, a year after releasing the first Enterprise JavaBeansTM component architecture specification, we..."
Factoring JavaBeans in the Enterprise
Information about the book.
Generating Event Listeners Dynamically
"Swing uses ActionListeners to add behavior to nearly all of its GUI controls -- and the anonymous classes that JavaBeans use to implement event listeners have ..."
HotJava HTML Component
"The Smart Choice for Developing Web-Enabled Solutions..The HotJava HTML Component is a JavaBeans TM component that parses and renders HTML. Think of it as a way..."
Integrating JRun and PowerTier for EJB ...
"This article explains how to integrate JRun and Persistence's PowerTier for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) to support development of servlets that communicate with..."
Introduction to Enterprise Java Beans
An online course from IBM.
Introduction to Java Beans from IBM
"This free Web-based course teaches Java bean concepts, and provides an overview of what Java beans are, why you would use them, and the characteristics of Java..."
Java Distributed Computing White Papers
Several white papers in PDF format including JavaSpaces, RMI, and Enterprise Java Beans.
Java Workshop - the professional dev...
"Java Workshop 2.0 provides all tools needed to build powerful Java-applications and JavaBeans. It offers a comfortable and easy to use interface for reasonable..."
JavaBeans, A Skeleton Bean in the BeanBox
"This lesson shows you how to place a skeleton Bean in the JavaSoft BeanBox and how to use the BeanBox to test it. In this lesson, you will see that once you ..."
JavaBeans, A Skeleton Bean Program
"This lesson provides a skeleton Java Bean program that contains many of the interface characteristics required of all Beans. In addition, this lesson provides ..."
JavaBeans book review
"We picked three winners -- now let's see how they stack up. ... There are many books on the market about JavaBeans, and new ones turn up every month. But how ..."
JavaBeans, Introspection
"The Introspector class provides a standard way for visual builder tools to learn about the properties, events, and methods of a target Bean's class...."
JavaBeans, Overview
"A Java Bean is a reusable software component that can be manipulated visually in a builder tool. The purpose of a Bean is to be installed in the toolbox of a ...."
JavaBeans, Properties of Beans, Bound ...
"A bound property notifies other objects when its value changes. Each time its value is changed,the property fires a PropertyChange event which contains the..." granularity is per bean, not per property...."
JavaBeans, Properties of Beans, Constrained...
"An object with constrained properties allows other objects to veto a constrained property value change. Constrained property listeners can veto a change by..."
JavaBeans, Properties of Beans, Simple ...
"This lesson provides information on Indexed properties. An example bean class is developed that includes Indexed properties. This bean class is examined with ..."
KAWA, The Simple Yet Powerful IDE
"KAWA, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is used to build Java applications, applets, and JavaBeans. ..."
Netbeans Developer
"Developer is an object oriented, visual programming environment written in Java, and based entirely on JavaBeans components and Swing. As a result, NetBeans is ..."
NetBeans Developer Product Overview
"There are several products available in the NetBeans Developer Product line, and several currently under development. This table summarizes each version's key..."
What is NetBeans Developer ?
"Developer is an object oriented, visual programming environment written in Java, and based entirely on JavaBeans components and Swing. As a result, NetBeans is..."