Certification Exams
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Certificative Initiative for Enterprise Develop...
From Sun: "Welcome to the Certification Initiative for Enterprise Development website. Designed to provide a ready supply of trained developers for enterprise..."
Exam Simulation
"This applet simulates the environment of the Java 2 Programmer Certification Exam as administered by Sylvan Prometric. The questions are based on the Java 2 ..."
Java Certification Exam Guide for Programm...
"The intended audience for Java Certification Exam Guide for Programmers and Developers is programmers who have some experience with Java and who wish to pass ..."
Java Certification for Programmers and Dev...
Information about the book by the author.
Java Programmer Certification Exam Sim...
"Demo our testing engine and get a taste of the type of questions asked on the Java Programmer Certification Exam. This simulation requires a browser that sup..."
Practice Test for the Sun Certifed Java 1.1...
"This sample test emphasizes Java 1.1-specific questions. It is very likely that the test you take from Sun will have a smaller ratio of Java 1.1-specific ..."
Return of the Jedi? by John Zukowski
"Has computer technology certification gotten more important than a collegediploma these days? Have Novell, Oracle, IBM, Sun,and the Netscape-Sun Alliance lost ..."
Sun Certification Programs
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