Demonstration programs not covered elsewhere

Java Programmer Certification Exam Sim...
"Demo our testing engine and get a taste of the type of questions asked on the Java Programmer Certification Exam. This simulation requires a browser that sup..."
Java RMI Distributed Events Programming...
"This demo shows how the Java Remote Method Invocation (Java RMI) Events conventions and protocols can beused to notify a person when a stock information match..."
Java RMI Leasing Programming Model Demo
"There are four core classes for the Lease Ball Example: Ball Applet, Client Lease Manager, Ball Manager, and Server Lease Manager. ..."
Java RMI Transactions Programming Model...
"In the transaction demo, there is a transaction manager, a client transaction manager (coordinator), and multiple participants.A user sets the behavior for ..."
Java Virtual Supercomputer
"The CM5 (Connection Machine 5) is the most powerful supercomputer in the world, with 65,536 processors connectedin a hypercube array. The availability of tens..."
The Ball Demo
"The Ball Demo shows how JavaSpaces technology can be usedto build simple distributed systems.Each client registers with the JavaSpace to be notified if a..."
The Book Marketplace Demo
"The Book Marketplace demo shows how a number of book-buying companies can participate in a bidding process with a number of book-selling companies, and how ..."
The JavaRing Demo
"The virtue is that it's a demo that people can relate to in a visual way." --the hacker. Notes from a "hacker's diary" of how this history-making demo was ..."