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Advanced Java eGroups
Access to advanced java discussion group.
Advanced Java Mailing List
Advanced Java Mailing List
BJUG Home Page
Boulder Java Users Group
DevEdge NewsgroupFAQ:
"Can anybody explain what all of the ALT stuff is about for buttons? How can I convert a java.awt.image to netscape.application.Bitmap?How do I add a separator ..."
FAQ for JINI-USERS Mailing List
"What is Jini?Jini is a set of APIs and runtime conventions that facilitate the building and deploying of distributed systems. Jini provides "plumbing" that ..."
HyperText Archives for JAVA-LIST
"The following archive files are available for browsing for the JAVA-LIST mailing list. Archives are often split into various chronological sections, with a ..."
JAVA based Network Management Group
Discuss Java-based network management with others having similar interests.
Java mailing list
Java mailing list
Java Source Code Mailing List
"Welcome to Java Source Code Mailing List. Java is a programming language which offers features like Platform Independence - a bytecode that runs on every..."
JXML: Java<-->XML Mailing List
"This list is intended for discussions relating to Java and XML, particularly with regard to the following: Java Class and Bean metadata expressed as XML documents. Conversion of Java Class metadata to bytecodes defining simple, data-only classes. ..."
Mailing Lists for Java Linux
Mailing Lists for Java Linux
Mailing Lists for PHXJUG
The Phoenix Jug mailing lists.
SCTA Java SIG List
"Subscribers to the Java SIG mailing list can keep informed about the activities and topics of interest to the members of our first special interest group. As a..."
The Java-networking list
"The goal of this list is to provide an informal forum for people interested in networking issues of the Java-language and library. This list is sponsored by ..."
The Mail Archive
Discuss Java topics with others.