An Overview of the Operating System Arch...
"The JavaOS for Business operating system is a Java-centric operating system with a feature set and architecture designed to provide a complete Java environment..."
FAQ: JavaOS for Business Operating Sys...
"What is it?.Q.What exactly are IBM and Sun announcing today? A. Sun Microsystems and IBM are joining forces to deliver a new product, JavaOS for Business opera..."
JavaOS for Consumers FAQs
"Q. What is JavaOSTM? A. JavaOSTM is a family of small and efficient operating systems, which are optimized for distributed network computing using Java technolog..."
JavaOS OS by John Zukowski
"Recently, I ran across a new book from Addison Wesley on JavaOS and thetitle caused me to do a double take. The title is 'Inside the JavaOS OperatingSystem.' ..."
Sun, IBM pitch JavaOS for NCs as PC ...
"Sun Microsystems Inc. and IBM's operating system for network computers will feed a new demand for up to date computing systems, rather than replace desktop...."
The JavaOS for NCs Operating System
"The JavaOS for NCs operating system provides organizations of all sizes with a small and efficient standalone Java application platform designed specifically ...."
The JavaOS operating system
" a small and efficient operating system that executesthe JavaTM environment directly on hardware platforms without requiring any other host operating syst..."