A Jini Tutorial by Jan Newmarch
"Jini is just one of a large number of distributed systems architectures, including industry-pervasive systems such as CORBA and DCOM. It is distinguished by ..."
FAQ Java 2 SDK v1.2 and JNI
"We answer a few frequently asked questions about JNI in the Java 2 SDK v1.2 (formerly known as JDK 1.2). The questions were assembled from your feedback to ..."
FAQ for JINI-USERS Mailing List
"What is Jini?Jini is a set of APIs and runtime conventions that facilitate the building and deploying of distributed systems. Jini provides "plumbing" that ..."
Java Distributed Computing Backgrounder
"For years, the notion of distributed computing was seen as simply an aberration on the radar screen of the computing industry. However, with the growing use of ..."
Jini: New technology for a networked world
Bill Venners "This article, the first installment of JavaWorld's newest column, Jiniology, introduces Sun Microsystems's Jini technology; demonstrates how Jini..."
Jini Technology from Sun
"Jini connection technology is based on a simple concept. Devices should work together. They should simply connect. No drivers to find, no operating system issu..."
Links to Jini Resources
Downloads, code samples, etc.
The Current Serviceui Proposal, Jini
"This page gives a snapshot of the current (or at least a recent) proposal underconsideration on the serviceui project at jini.org. This proposal represents the..."
The Jini vision by Bill Venners
"This second installment of Jiniology puts Jini technology in context: it attempts to explain not how Jini works, but why it exists. Before diving into code..."