JVM, Java Virtual Machine

Bug Fixes HP-UX Developer's Kit for Java...
"Prior to release 1.1.7, in non-Java code calling Java methods, the Java Virtual Machine had to be created and initialized before any of the following system ..."
Designing with Runtime Class Information
"In this installment of Design Techniques, I give advice on using runtime class information in Java programs. I talk about the method area of the JVM and the...."
Inside the Java Virtual Machine
Information about the book.
Java virtual machine books -- a compar...
Book Review: "The Java platform is probably one of the first of a new breed of machines: virtual computers that will only very infrequently be programmed, at ..."
JVM Corner
"...includes a set of articles about the JVM, information about the book Inside the Java Virtual Machine, a set of links to relevant resources on the web, appl..."
The Hotspot Virtual Machine by Bill Venners
"This article, while not part of the Design Techniques column, discusses a topic that is closely related to the column's focus: performance. This article descri..."
The Need for Speed by John Zukowski
"Sun's long awaited HotSpot technology is now available for download latert his week. Using adaptive optimization technology, your server-side applications ...."
What's New in 1.2 by Bill Venners
"From its initial release, performance on the Java platform has been problematic. The first Java Virtual Machine (JVM) implementation Sun released was an...."
Wherever You Want to Run Java, Kaffe is There.
"Transvirtual Technologies offers the first truly "run anywhere"Java" Technology implementation. Our Java Virtual Machine,Kaffe, runs on virtually any Internet ..."