Miscellaneous Links

100% Pure Java - Certification
"KeyLabs is pleased to be selected by Sun Microsystems as the independent Certification Center designated to perform the certification testing for products ..."
100% Pure Java Certification Guide
"The Certification Guide, in combination with the 100% Pure JavaCookbook and the documentation of the Java Platform API, tell thedeveloper everything they need...."
100% Pure Java Documentation
Several documents from Sun pertaining to the 100% Pure Java initiative, such as the 100% Pure Java CookBook and the 100% Pure Java Certification Guide.
100% Pure Java General Information
"f you have any questions regarding the 100% Pure Java programplease send them by e-mail to 100percentpure-program@java.sun.com. You may also call..."
100% Pure Java Program
"The 100% Pure Java logo is an easily identifiable mark which assurespotential customers that the product is portable. When end users andcustomers see the logo ..."
100% Pure Java Tools
"This major release, 4.0, is a significant upgrade of the 100% Pure JavaCertification Process: The coverage test has been replaced in this release with a new ..."
100% Pure JavaTM Defined by Sun
"In order to qualify for certification, products must conform to thestandards established by the 100% Pure Java Program, whichinclude: 1.No native methods...."
Chemistry Page
"This site focuses on tools to help Chemists develop their own Java applications, and contains links to Java tutorials, examples of simple applets with source-...."
Clemens' Java Page
"Welcome to my personal Java page. The purpose of this page is to present some of my creations and to organize links related to Java I have found useful (instea..."
Efficient text searching in Java: Finding the ...
"Text searching and sorting are among the most well-researched areas in computer science. They'recovered in an Introductory Algorithms course in almost every ..."
Everything you need for complete Java test...
"SunTest is the Java test automation unitof Sun Microsystems, Inc. It iscommitted to providing the most complete, effective and integrated set oftesting ..."
Finding text boundaries in Java:
"Overcoming differences in international style. magine you're writing a text editor application. The editor needs to wrap words so they stay together on a line..."
Frequently Asked Questions, Java 2D
"This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about Java 2D. ..."
Frequently Asked Questions, Java 3D API
"This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about the Java 3D specification. Please check here before..."
Frequently Asked Questions, Java Media ...
"This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common, general questions about the Java Media Framework API (JMF).."
Frequently Asked Questions, Java Sound
"This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answersto many common questions about Java Sound. ..."
Glossary of terms
A glossary of technical terms from Internet Helpers
Industry Categories of 100% Pure Java ...
A list of companies certified to have products that meet the 100% Pure Java certification.
Java Developer Connection
"Welcome to the JavaDeveloperConnection (JDC)!The place for developer products and services for the Java development platform. Enjoy the extra benefits of beco...."
JavaMail 1.1.2 Release
"The JavaMail API provides a set of abstract classes that model a mail system. The API provides a platform independent and protocol independent framework to bui..."
"What is the JavaMail API? How do I get an implementation of JavaMail API? How do I send feedback or comments? Is the JavaMail API implementation completely ..."
JavaScript is not Java by John Zukowski
"Every once in a while, I get questions asking how to do such and such in JavaScript. Time and time again, I say that JavaScript is not Java. Through the market..."
Moving data to the browser using Java and ...
"In this article, I will cover Client-Side LiveConnect, which allows the Java in an applet and the JavaScript on a Web page to communicate. And, yes, it works ..."
Performance Tips for Java
A slide show that provides performance tips in several areas of Java, by Marie Alm
Program for Software Portability
A discussion of the 100% Pure Java Initiative.
Reading textual data: Fun with streams
"Find out how to extend and customize the character-stream classes toeasily read textual data... JDK.1.1 introduced character streams to Java quite a while..."
SmartUpdate in Netscape Navigator 4
"...we talked about how to use JavaScript and cookies to ensure only one instance of an applet is loaded in a web browser. In this issue, we'll explain how we ..."
The Java Commerce FAQ
"What is the Java Wallet? The Java Wallet is a family of products written in the Java programming language that are designed to enable secure electronic commerc..."
"Sometimes is easier to manipulate Netscape Navigator properties in JavaScript than directly from a Java applet. However, Java alone does not provide you with ..."
Working with Java and CORBA Objects ...
"This chapter describes using LiveConnect to connect your server-side JavaScript application to Java components or classes on the server. Through Java you can. ..."