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Java Network Programming, Second Edition
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JavaOS for Consumers FAQs
"Q. What is JavaOSTM? A. JavaOSTM is a family of small and efficient operating systems, which are optimized for distributed network computing using Java technolog..."
JavaSpaces FAQ
"What is JavaSpaces technology? This technology provides a cooperative marketplace for posting and retrieving groups of related objects across a network. ...."
Network Programming - Datagram Clients
"With UDP, there is no guarantee that the packets will arrive in the correct order at the destination, or no guarantee that they will arrive at all. However, ..."
Network Programming - Datagram Servers
"...will expand our previous server program to support echo processing of datagrams using the UDP protocol. This gives us a single program that supports three..."
Network Programming - General Information
"Many good books have been written on the technical details of networking and your are referred to one or more of those books to gain an in-depth knowledge of..."
Network Programming - InetAddress Class
"We will learn how to use the Java InetAddress class to find the domain name corresponding to an IP address, and to find the IP address corresponding to a domain.."
Network Programming - Server Sockets
"In this lesson, we will develop a TCP/IP server, implemented using Socket and ServerSocket, that can support both the echo port protocol and part of the HTTP..."
Network Programming - Sockets
"Sockets come in three varieties which are implemented by the Java classes named Socket, DatagramSocket, and ServerSocket. The first two socket classes represent.."
Network Programming - URL Class and ...
"URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. It is also the name of a class in Java which is the primary subject for this lesson. A URL is a pointer to a..."
Network Programming - URLConnection Class
"If you plan to use the URL class for the higher-lever capabilities that it offers, and you plan to write content handlers and protocol handlers, you will prob..."
Networking in Java by Brian Maso
"one of the most time-reducing capabilities of Java is its built-in Internet programmingfacilities. In Java's early stages, this capability contributed greatly ..."
Networking our whiteboard with Java 1.1
"Find out how easy it is to network our whiteboard with servers,sockets, and RMI... Last month, we explored the graphical side of writing a simple whiteboard us..."
RMI - Creating a Custom RMI Socket Factory
"A custom RMI socket factory is useful if (1) you want your RMI client and server to talk across sockets that encrypt or compress your data, or (2) you want to ..."
Sun, IBM pitch JavaOS for NCs as PC ...
"Sun Microsystems Inc. and IBM's operating system for network computers will feed a new demand for up to date computing systems, rather than replace desktop...."
The Java-networking list
"The goal of this list is to provide an informal forum for people interested in networking issues of the Java-language and library. This list is sponsored by ..."
"Phaos offers a complete range of enterprise security solutions for Internet platforms. Our products enable security features from Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), ..."
Transforming Technology into Bus... Results
"Effective network computing requires an IT infrastructure tailored to meet your specific business needs. It requires expertise in network computing and Interne..."