RMI, Remote Method Invocation

Brew Your Own Java Applets
"JavaBeans, CORBA, RMI, AFC. . . . With all of the "standards" percolating aroundJava, can any development tool hope to keep up? It seems impossible, but ..."
FAQ on RMI and Object Serialization
"Why do I get an exception for an unexpected hostname and/or port number when I call Naming.lookup? The hostname and port number you see in the exception trace ..."
Java Distributed Computing Backgrounder
"For years, the notion of distributed computing was seen as simply an aberration on the radar screen of the computing industry. However, with the growing use of ..."
Java Distributed Computing White Papers
Several white papers in PDF format including JavaSpaces, RMI, and Enterprise Java Beans.
Java RMI Distributed Events Programming...
"This demo shows how the Java Remote Method Invocation (Java RMI) Events conventions and protocols can beused to notify a person when a stock information match..."
Java RMI Leasing Programming Model Demo
"There are four core classes for the Lease Ball Example: Ball Applet, Client Lease Manager, Ball Manager, and Server Lease Manager. ..."
Java RMI Transactions Programming Model...
"In the transaction demo, there is a transaction manager, a client transaction manager (coordinator), and multiple participants.A user sets the behavior for ..."
Java Training Curriculum
"K&A Java Training covers everything from the basics of Java Syntax to the complexities of CORBA and RMI. Our Java training series consists of:..."
Networking our whiteboard with Java 1.1
"Find out how easy it is to network our whiteboard with servers,sockets, and RMI... Last month, we explored the graphical side of writing a simple whiteboard us..."
Remote Method Invocation by Brian Maso
"This allows youto have multiple running copies of the same object in several differentJVMs at the same time. Those objects, once instantiated in the various..."
RMI - Activating an object that does not extend...
"This page shows you the steps for enabling an existing class to become activatable."
RMI - Applying the Factory Pattern to RMI
"A factory, in this context, is a piece of software that implements one of the "factory" design patterns introduced in the book, Design Patterns, Elements of ..."
RMI - Creating a Custom RMI Socket Factory
"A custom RMI socket factory is useful if (1) you want your RMI client and server to talk across sockets that encrypt or compress your data, or (2) you want to ..."
RMI - Creating an Activatable Object
"This page shows you the steps for creating an activatable object, by extending java.rmi.activation.Activatable."
RMI - Dynamic code downloading using RMI
"One of the most significant capabilities of the Java platform is the ability to dynamically download Java software from any Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to a..."
RMI - Getting Started Using RMI
"This tutorial shows you the steps to follow to create a distributed version of the classic Hello World program using Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI). While..."
RMI - Making a UnicastRemoteObject Activatable
"This page shows you the steps for migrating an existing UnicastRemoteObject to an activatable object, by extending java.rmi.activation.Activatable."
RMI - Remote Object Activation
Several different tutorials that show you how to use the remote object activation capability introduced in JDK 1.2.
RMI - The RMI Trail of The Java Tutorial
"This trail provides a brief overview of the RMI system and then walks through a complete client/server example that uses RMI's unique capabilities to load and ..."
RMI - The Scoop on RMI and SSL
"Tthe RMI group at Sun is providing a page that tells the complete RMI/SSL story. If this is a topic that interests you, or if you are interested in being inclu..."
RMI - Using a MarshalledObject to create ...
"The MarshalledObject class provides a flexible mechanism for passing persistence or initialization data through the ActivationDesc, registered with rmid, rathe..."
"What is Java RMI?Java RMI is the basis for easy-to-use distributed computing in Java. It isa single, simple technology for object communication that allows..."
RMI, Introduction to Remote Method Invocation
"RMI makes it possible for code in an object running in one JVM to invoke methods in an object running in another JVM. The two JVMs may be running as separate..."
RMI, Passing and Returning Remote and ...
"With RMI, life is not quite so simple. If a method that is invoked on a remote object returns an ordinary object, a copy of the object is serialized and sent ...."
RMI Specification
The RMI Specification from Sun.
RMI with Multiple Objects of Different Types ...
"Previous lesson exposed two remote objects of same type, each with two methods.This lesson exposes two remote objects of different types, each with two..."
RMI with Multiple Objects of the Same Type ...
"Previous lesson exposed a single remote object, which exposed a single method.This lesson exposes two remote objects of the same type, each of which exposes two.."