"...we look at one of the most popular and critical uses of Java technology in corporations: access to and interaction withdata bases...."
Building an Enterprise Software Framework ...
"In this article, we discuss the other major component of our framework: the data container. Container classes give higher-level classes a mechanism to pass dat..."
Certified Servlets
"The momentum continues, as more and morecompanies realize the potential of servlets writtenin the Java programming language and roll out robust server-side Jav..."
"High quality, free, open source Java servlets. Powerful enough for demanding web developers, simple enough for new servlet users. ..."
"CSGuestbook is a free, open source Java servlet that allows web site users to sign and view multiple electronic guestbooks. ..."
"CSMailForm is a Java servlet that can send email through standard HTML forms. It is highly customizable and uses the CSEMail1.1 Package to send mail. ..."
"CSPostcard is a Java servlet system for sending and receiving electronicpostcards. Visitors of your site can use the servlet to send a customized greeting ..."
"CSRandomImage is a free, open source Java servlet that displays random images in normal HTML pages, Server Side Includes (SSI) and JSP pages. ..."
"CSRandomQuote is a free, open source Java servlet that displays random quotesusing Server Side Includes (SSI). This means that you can embed commands inyour ..."
"CSTextCounter is a free, open source Java servlet that displays the number of times a web page has been accessed using Server Side Includes (SSI). This means that .."
Dev 3-Tier Database App with Java Servlets
"A wealth of information is stored in corporate databases and there is a rush to publish this information on the Web. Corporations' traditional client/server..."
Developer Documentation
Links to papers and tutorials on servlets from Sun.
"... we turn our attention to the advantages server-side Java technology brings to the web application development process. Servlets are rapidly becoming the..."
Developing Java Servlets
Find out about the book here.
Developing Scalable, Reliable, Business...
"About a year ago, the technology group at Razorfish was presented with thechallenge of developing a distributed web-based business application. Our immediate ..."
Getting Started with JSP by John Zukowski
"Excited to hear about JavaServer Pages (JSP) and how you can use it to create dynamic content by automatically creating servlets from embedded tags within your..."
GNUJSP version 0.9.10
"GNUJSP is a free implementation of Sun's Java Server Pages. Once the GNUJSPservlet is correctly installed, files with the extension .jsp are translated into ja..."
From Sun. " An Overview of Java Web Server 1.0, Java Servlets, and theJavaServer Architecture ..."
Integrating JRun and PowerTier for EJB ...
"This article explains how to integrate JRun and Persistence's PowerTier for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) to support development of servlets that communicate with..."
Download Java Servlet Development Kit, specifications, etc., from Sun.
"Our previous Java servlet profiles showedhow all the benefits of the Java languageextend to server-side web applications.Besides these advantages, servlet ..."
Java Servlet Programming
Sample programs from the book.
Java Servlets by Dr. Richard Blaylock
"By using Java servlets for the server side of your Webapplications, you get all the usual benefits of the Java language: portability, multithreading, and exten..."
Java Web Server
Evaluate and purchase from this page.
Java Web Server
Technical Information
JavaServer Architecture Overview
"This document describes the architecture of the generic server and service framework within the JavaServer Toolkit, and how services are built using this ..."
"JRun allows you to run Java Servlets -- either by extendingyour current web server or by using the built-in JRun WebServer. By using Servlets as an extensible..."
JRun Servlet Engine
"JRun is the industry-leading tool fordeploying server-side Java. JRun is aneasy-to-use web server 'plugin' thatallows you to deploy Java Servlets and..."
List of ISPs that host servlets
"As a service to the Servlet developer community, The Adrenaline Group maintains a list of ISP's who host Java Servlets...."
Migrating CGI Scripts to Java Servlets, Darby
"The rapid acceptance of Java for client and server applications has created an immediate need to move existing CGI scripts to Java servlets. Java servlets are..."
"NetForge is a Web Server for the Java platform. It has been developed with JDK 1.1.3 under Linux. The main features of NetForge are: Servlet Interface (Servlet..."
Purple Servlet FAQ
"How do I set my CLASSPATH for servlets? That depends. For developing servlets, just make sure that jsdk.jar (in the lib subdirectory of the JSDK) is in your..."
Servlet CGI Development Kit 1.0
"The Servlet CGI Development Kit 1.0 is a framework that supports the development anddeployment of Java Servlets on web servers that support the CGI protocol. ..."
Servlet Engines
"Running a servlet requires a servlet engine on the web server.This articles explains what a servlet engine is, and compares some servlet engines...."
Servlet Essentials by Stefan Zeigler
"This document explains the concepts of Java Servlets and provides a step-by-step tutorial for writing HTTP Servlets with complete source code for the example ..."
Servlet Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ)
A FAQ from New Atlanta, "Java Servlet Technology Leaders"
"In order to promote the Servlet API and to bring a diverse group of users together to talk about servlets, we've created the servlet-interest list. ..."
"Version 2.2 is the next revision of the Java Servlet API Specification. It builds upon the 2.1 specification adding support for Web Applications and Web...."
Servlet Tools
Several different tools designed to help you in the development and deployment of servlets.
Servlet Tutorial - Java Web Server
"The Java Web Server is both flexible and extensible. Using the Java Server APIs, you can write your own servletand incorporate it into the server. To do this, fo..."
ServletExec 2.1
" ServletExec 2.1 is a lightweight, inexpensive web application server and servlet engine that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages(JSP) standar..."
ServletExecTM 2.1 for Windows, UNIX, ...
"ServletExec 2.1 is a lightweight, inexpensive web application server andservlet engine that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServerPages (JSP) ...."
ServletExecTM 2.1 for Windows, UNIX, and ...
"A lightweight, inexpensive web application server and servlet engine that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServerPages (JSP) standards and runs on all..."
"...illustrates how the Java platform's threading capabilities greatly improve the performance of server-side web applications. As web applications become ..."
Servlets by Cynthia Bloch
"The Servlets trail teaches you about servlets, the bodies of code that run inside servers, and extend their functionality. For example, servlets offer an ...."
"The Java Servlet API continues to become available on more and moreservers through a variety of industry partners and server vendors. Here is a listof all the ..."
Steaming Hot Servlets
"Welcome to the first in our series on Servlet developers. Each profile in this series spotlights a particular servlet developer and application,presenting ..."
The Java Servlet API
"The secret's out: Java isn't just for programming client side applets which run in web browsers, or for writing Internet applications. The simple, flexible Ser..."
The Nexus Web Server
"Nexus is a 100% Java Web server. Features include: -Support for the full servlet API v2.1 -Session tracking based on cookies -HTTP persistent connections -serv..."
The Nexus Web Server, Free as of 7/25/99
"Nexus is a 100% Java Web server.Features include: Support for the full servlet API v2.1Session tracking based on cookiesHTTP persistent connections ..."
Use HTTP Status Codes
"It is sometimes tricky to handle errors appropriately when programming Servlets. This can be especially true if your servlet deals with opening or reading from..."
Use StringBuffer to Improve Servlet Speed
"Servlets often need to display a lot of HTML. The naive way to do this is with println() commands and String concatenation. However, String concatenation is an..."
Why use Java servlets
"Java is a powerful, low-level language ideally suited to complex Web server development tasks. Its rich feature set includes powerful binary data manipulation..."
Working With Frames and Servlets
"A common servlet question is, "How do I make frames using a servlet?" Generating framed servlet output is actually easier than it might first seem. ..."