Kaffe from Transvirtual Technologies
"Our flagship product, Kaffe, is the only Java Virtual Machine(JVM) that can run both Sun and Microsoft Java, helping tomake Java's "write once, run anywhere"...."
A Free Java Based Operating System
"The JOS Project is a collaborative undertaking by an international group of Java programmers and enthusiasts aimed at the creation of a free and open Java ..."
Acme Laboratories - Jef Poskanzer
Free software, Java consulting, etc.
Borland Inprise
Main portal to Borland where you will find information about their JBuilder product.
Brew Your Own Java Applets
"JavaBeans, CORBA, RMI, AFC. . . . With all of the "standards" percolating aroundJava, can any development tool hope to keep up? It seems impossible, but ..."
BrowseJavadoc - Search in the Java API ...
"Lets you search for keywords in the Java 1.1 API Documentation. It's intended touse inside an editor macro. Hit F1 and you get the docu to the word your curso...."
"Condensity shrinks, obfuscates, and optimizes Java code, protecting your Java class files from reverse engineering, making them smaller and more efficient...."
By David Hopwood, "Cryptix is a freeware cryptography library for Java..I've been working on integrating support for JCE into Cryptix..."
DashO and DashOPro
"Java obfuscator Java compressor Java optimizer We provide the complete solution for Applet size reduction, Java bytecode protection and optimization."
Downloading Downloading... by Zukowski
"With all the new Java releases from Sun lately, one might think it is the end of a quarter. Lots of Java technologies got new releases. Suck up that bandwidth..."
Easier ways to handle arrays -- plus ---
---a little string manipulation "... cover two completely separate tools; neither is complex enough to warrant its own article, but there is a certain thematic..."
Easy Mail
"This is a programmer-friendly package for sending e-mail from applets or applications. It's interface-based, and can work transparently with many different ..."
Echidna - A free multiprocess system in Java
"Echidna is a class library which, with a reasonable degree of transparency, allowsmultiple 'processes' to run inside a single Virtual Machine. Implemented..."
Everything you need for complete Java test...
"SunTest is the Java test automation unitof Sun Microsystems, Inc. It iscommitted to providing the most complete, effective and integrated set oftesting ..."
FAQ Java 2 SDK v1.2 and JNI
"We answer a few frequently asked questions about JNI in the Java 2 SDK v1.2 (formerly known as JDK 1.2). The questions were assembled from your feedback to ..."
Focus on Apptivity by John Zukowski
"Apptivityis an integrated development environment and application server (IDEAS) for Java from ProgressSoftware. It helps you develop and deploy..."
FTP Mirror Sites
Mirror sites for downloading Java for Linux.
GNUJSP version 0.9.10
"GNUJSP is a free implementation of Sun's Java Server Pages. Once the GNUJSPservlet is correctly installed, files with the extension .jsp are translated into ja..."
"Grendel is a mail/news reader entirely written in Java. It's goal isto be a true cross-platform application with a feature set that satisfies the poweruser. ..."
HEX - The HTML Enabled XML Parser
"This is a simple, 100% Java, non-validating XML parser with some hooks for more-or-less correct parsing of most HTML pages. It doesn't understand either SGML ..."
"A Pure Java Browser for Developing Web-Enabled Solutions HotJava Browser 3.0 provides a highly-customizable modular solution for creating and deploying ..."
HotJava HTML Component
"The Smart Choice for Developing Web-Enabled Solutions..The HotJava HTML Component is a JavaBeans TM component that parses and renders HTML. Think of it as a way..."
HotJava (tm) Browser from Sun
"While nospecification guarantees it, developers have learned that applets cancommunicate with one another through static data members. To reduce confusion and..."
HotJavaTM Browser 3.0
"HotJava Browser 3.0 provides a highly-customizable modular solution for creating and deploying Web-enabled applications across a wide array of environments ...."
HOW 2.0: Modeling is more than Pictures
"HOW is a component-based modeling tool and deployment framework for building business applications. HOW makes it straightforward for mainstream developers to build...."
HOW Professional Edition for Java
"HOW" is a component-based modeling tool and deploymentframework for building business applications. HOW makes itstraightforward for mainstream developers to..."
From Sun. " An Overview of Java Web Server 1.0, Java Servlets, and theJavaServer Architecture ..."
Internet Helpers
Source Code, Links, Games, Tutorials, Software, Jobs, and Programmers Directory
"The SSLava Toolkit provides developers with plug-and-play building blocks for creating secure, SSL 3.0-compliant client/server applications in the Java programming language. Applets and applications built with SSLava execute across all Java-supported platforms, such as..."
Jacob - The Java Commando Base
"Jacob is a Java class browser and project manager for Emacs and includes a powerful class wizard. Unlike traditional browsers the windows are vertically aligned ..."
Jacob - The Java Commando Base
"Jacob is a Java class browser and project manager for Emacs and includes a powerful class wizard. Unlike traditional browsers the windows are vertically aligne..."
Jacob and Other Tools
"Well, the most obvious things that Jacob is missing, is a debugger, a gui builder and maybe an object-oriented modelling tool for UML (unified modelling langu...."
Jacob Mini-Tutorial and FAQ
"The purpose of this mini-tutorial is to get new Jacob users started and to demonstrate it's basic features. After starting Jacob for the first time it opens ...", The #1 Java Review Service
Descriptions and links to hundreds (maybe even thousands by now) software packages. Some are shareware, some are freeware, etc.
Java Commerce (tm) toolkit from Sun
"Welcome to Java CommerceTM toolkit, home of the JavaTM Wallet.The latest release of the Java Wallet is now available. This release, EA2b,includes many bug ..."
"What's New? 750,000 COPIES OF SWING SHIPPED! since its release in March, 1998 The final release of JFC/Swing 1.1.1 is now available. JFC/Swing 1.1.1 is the ..."
Java Linux
Download, news, documentation, etc., on Java for Linux.
Java Plug-in 1.1.2 Windows Download Page
"This page allows you to download theJava Plug-in 1.1.2 for Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98...."
Java Security API
Your source for news and downloads for the Sun Security API.
Download Java Servlet Development Kit, specifications, etc., from Sun.
Java Software
"All software made available here is provided as-is without any form forguarantees or support. See the license agreement for details (included in allpackages as..."
Java Software Downloads
Several interesting software downloads: file locking, read/write files from an applet, read a char without pressing enter, Java sound editor, easy keyboard input...
JAVA (TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition Download
"The Java2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.2.2 provides new features and functionality over and above JDK 1.1 software. The SDK software and documentation is free ...."
Java Wallet Documentation from Sun
Documentation on Sun's Java Wallet product.
Java Web Server
"Deploy DynamicWeb Pages in aSnap. Experience the power of Java technolog on the Server! With JavaWeb Server, you can create a dynamicweb site that is extensib..."
Java Web Server
Evaluate and purchase from this page.
Java Web Server
Technical Information
Java Web Server FAQ
"The Java Web Server FAQ has the following sections: -Installation/Configuration ... commonly encountered installation and configuration problems and questions...."
Java Workshop - the professional dev...
"Java Workshop 2.0 provides all tools needed to build powerful Java-applications and JavaBeans. It offers a comfortable and easy to use interface for reasonable..."
Javadoc FAQ
"General Questions A1. Where can I find Javadoc and its documentation?A2. How do I run Javadoc? How do I write Javadoc tags and documentation comments?A3. How..."
JavaOS for Consumers FAQs
"Q. What is JavaOSTM? A. JavaOSTM is a family of small and efficient operating systems, which are optimized for distributed network computing using Java technolog..."
JavaServer Architecture Overview
"This document describes the architecture of the generic server and service framework within the JavaServer Toolkit, and how services are built using this ..."
JavaServer Pages
Downloadable syntax reference table.
Javasrc: An HTML Java Cross-Reference Tool Javasrc: An HTML Java Cross-Reference Tool Javasrc: An HTML Java Cross-Reference Tool
"Javasrc creates a set of HTML pages out of your Java source code. The format looks like javadoc, so you should find navigation very familiar. The methods and ..."
JavaTM Development Kit for Solaris
Support Services "As an integrated part of the Solaris operating environment, the Java Development Kit (JDK) software includes varying levels of technical sup..."
JavaTM Development Kit (JDK) for Solaris
Java 2 (JDK 1.2.x) "The Java Development Kit for the Solaris Operating environment brings the power and performance of Solaris together with the latest in Java ..."
JCrypto FAQ
"Q.1 The certs I have for J/SSL are out of date. Where can I get some new ones? Q.2 What is padding? How can I turn padding off? Can I have null padding? What ..."
JFA Construction Zone
"The JavaLobby Foundation Applications (JFA) is an effort to produce high quality, open source, pure java applications in an attempt to demonstrate the power of..."
JForge, The Clear Choice in GUI Builders
"JForge is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) Builder used to build GUI's in Java using Java Foundation Class components and Swing. ..."
"JRun allows you to run Java Servlets -- either by extendingyour current web server or by using the built-in JRun WebServer. By using Servlets as an extensible..."
JRun Servlet Engine
"JRun is the industry-leading tool fordeploying server-side Java. JRun is aneasy-to-use web server 'plugin' thatallows you to deploy Java Servlets and..."
JVISION, Quick UML object diagrams from ...
"Visualize and navigate through your architecture while using your favorite Java IDE. Download the free 30 day 'try before you buy'..."
Kaffe from Transvirtual Technologies
"Our flagship product, Kaffe, is the only Java Virtual Machine(JVM) that can run both Sun and Microsoft Java, helping tomake Java's "write once, run anywhere"...."
KAWA, The Simple Yet Powerful IDE
"KAWA, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is used to build Java applications, applets, and JavaBeans. ..."
Layout Manager Launch
A launch pad for learning more about layout managers. Contains links to many layout managers.
Linux ports of Java
How to obtain Java to run on Linux systems.
Netbeans Developer
"Developer is an object oriented, visual programming environment written in Java, and based entirely on JavaBeans components and Swing. As a result, NetBeans is ..."
NetBeans Developer Product Overview
"There are several products available in the NetBeans Developer Product line, and several currently under development. This table summarizes each version's key..."
"NetForge is a Web Server for the Java platform. It has been developed with JDK 1.1.3 under Linux. The main features of NetForge are: Servlet Interface (Servlet..."
"NetRexx is a human-oriented programming language which makes writing and using Java classes quicker and easier than writing in Java. ..."
"Netscape Signing Tool 1.1 is available for downloading from this page. It replaces the older tools known as "Zigbert" and "Page Signer." To use Netscape Signin..."
Platinum Paradigm Plus
"PLATINUM Paradigm Plus is a UML-based component modeling tool that enables organizations to successfully design and visualize complex applications."
"Send us your comments and suggestions... Use the following email addresses to direct your comments or suggestions to the appropriate group within Sun's Java ..."
Professional Cryptography Classes for Java
"J/CRYPTO is the first cryptographic class library designed for commercial Java applications.Written by Baltimore Technologies,experts in cryptography toolkits,..."
Reliable Software Technology
Several tools from the company Reliable Software Technology.
Remote Java ActiveX Server
"R-JAX is designed to serve as a bridge ... it allows developers to develop Java applications and still be able to leverage their existing investment in ActiveX .."
Servlet CGI Development Kit 1.0
"The Servlet CGI Development Kit 1.0 is a framework that supports the development anddeployment of Java Servlets on web servers that support the CGI protocol. ..."
Servlet Tools
Several different tools designed to help you in the development and deployment of servlets.
Servlet Tutorial - Java Web Server
"The Java Web Server is both flexible and extensible. Using the Java Server APIs, you can write your own servletand incorporate it into the server. To do this, fo..."
ServletExec 2.1
" ServletExec 2.1 is a lightweight, inexpensive web application server and servlet engine that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServer Pages(JSP) standar..."
ServletExecTM 2.1 for Windows, UNIX, ...
"ServletExec 2.1 is a lightweight, inexpensive web application server andservlet engine that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServerPages (JSP) ...."
ServletExecTM 2.1 for Windows, UNIX, and ...
"A lightweight, inexpensive web application server and servlet engine that implements the Java Servlet API and JavaServerPages (JSP) standards and runs on all..."
Simplicity for Java
Java for Linux.
Softera SoftModeler
"Next Generation Java Modeling Tools. Java design, code generation and reverse engineering are only a mouse click away."
Source Code Control Software
Not specifically Java, but potentially useful anyway.
SourceGuard, Complete protection for Java...
"Nearly all world-class Java software, from the leading Java IDE's to mission-critical corporate applications, is protected using 4thpass SourceGuard3.0 Enterpr..."
Structure Builder
"StructureBuilder is a vital part of the enterprise Java developer's toolkit. Using StructureBuilder will ensure that corporations meet their business objective..."
Sun Software Download FAQ
"1.Q: I tried to download a product from your web site. After I have accepted the agreement, nothing happens?? A: Our web site experiences many, many downloads ..."
Super Mojo
"Unleash the POWER of Java Develop anything, anywhere. Written entirely in Java, SuperMojo is portable to any Javasupported platform. Super Fast Compilation."
The Need for Speed by John Zukowski
"Sun's long awaited HotSpot technology is now available for download latert his week. Using adaptive optimization technology, your server-side applications ...."
The Nexus Web Server
"Nexus is a 100% Java Web server. Features include: -Support for the full servlet API v2.1 -Session tracking based on cookies -HTTP persistent connections -serv..."
The Nexus Web Server, Free as of 7/25/99
"Nexus is a 100% Java Web server.Features include: Support for the full servlet API v2.1Session tracking based on cookiesHTTP persistent connections ..."
The Source for Java Technology from Sun
"Products & APIs To find a product or API, use any of the following options: -Product Groups listing -Complete Product list -Products & APIs A-Z Index, or ..."
The TRiX Framework
"... an implementation of some ideas on how to best generate content from Web applications. The basic premise is that separation of application logic (code) and..."
"TowerJ 3 is becoming the industry standard for deploying business-critical server-side Javaapplications. According to IDC, TowerJ is one of the primary product..."
Vendors Release a Big New Herd Of Tools ...
"Over the past couple of months, vendors have introduced so many Swing-ready software development tools that it has been hard to keep up with all of them ...."
Visaj and Visaj Workshop
"The VisualApplication Builder forJava...Visaj is a new breed of Java development tool, written entirely in Java and certified 100% Pure Java. Visaj gives..."
WASP, Web Application Server Platform
"The WASP is an OpenSource platform (library) for developing complex web applications. It is written in Java and runs under any system which will support the JVM"
WebSphere Application Server from IBM
"Build your e-business with IBM WebSphere Application Server! Whether it's business integration, Web self-service or e-commerce, Application Server provides the..."
What is NetBeans Developer ?
"Developer is an object oriented, visual programming environment written in Java, and based entirely on JavaBeans components and Swing. As a result, NetBeans is..."
Wherever You Want to Run Java, Kaffe is There.
"Transvirtual Technologies offers the first truly "run anywhere"Java" Technology implementation. Our Java Virtual Machine,Kaffe, runs on virtually any Internet ..."
"... a freeware Java layout manager that arranges an applet's display components (e.g. buttons, choice menus, lists, text areas, text fields, etc.) according to..."