Porting C++ to Java
"many people areconsidering porting their existing C++ code to Java. This paper addresses those people, providing a step-by-step approach to porting C++ to Jav..."
A Java GUI Programmer's Primer
Table of Contents. "This book contains an introduction to the systematic development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) using the Java environment. ..."
A Jini Tutorial by Jan Newmarch
"Jini is just one of a large number of distributed systems architectures, including industry-pervasive systems such as CORBA and DCOM. It is distinguished by ..."
Absolute Positioning Layout
Explanation of how to do absolute positioning style layout from The Java Tutorial by Sun.
An introduction to the Java 2D API
"Below are examples of the new java2d API in use, each one building on the ones previous. After studyingthe code and this accompanying text, you should have a..."
AWT Button, Checkbox, Choice, and List ...
Components that provide for user input without using the keyboard.
AWT Canvas Component
"A Canvas component represents a blank rectangular area of the screenonto which the application can draw or from which the application cantrap input events from..."
AWT Checkbox Menus
Discusses and and provides a sample program for CheckboxMenuItem Class - Produces a checkbox that represents a choice in a menu.
AWT Container, Panel, Windiw...
Some basic GUI programming concepts using the AWT.
AWT Dialog Class
"A class that produces a dialog - a window that takes input from the user. The default layout for a dialog is BorderLayout. Dialogs are capable of generating ..."
AWT Menus (ordinary menus)
Sample program uses the Menu, MenuItem, MenuBar, and MenuShortcut classes.
AWT Popup Menus
Discusses and and provides a sample program for PopupMenu Class - Implements a menu which can be dynamically popped within a component.
AWT TextField, TextArea, and Label Classes
AWT components that deal with text.
CORBA, IDLs with Multiple Modules Having ...
"This lesson expands the IDL to contain multiple modules having interfaces with multiple operations and showing you how you can organize your code to accommodate.."
CORBA, Introduction to Common Object ...
"CORBAi s both platform independent and language independent. The code at either end may be written in any language for which there is an OMG Interface Def..."
CORBA, Java IDL, Under the Hood
"This lesson contains a minimal CORBA application written in Java. It is essentially the same application that was discussed in the earlier lesson with.a couple .."
Creating a Custom Layout Manager
How to create your own custom layout manager from The Java Tutorial from Sun.
Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing
"...tells you how to create graphical userinterfaces (GUIs) for applications and applets, using the Swing components. TheSwing components, which are part of the..."
Designing Objects for Concurrency in Java
"Despite extensive development over many years and significant demonstrated benefits, the object-oriented paradigm remains poorly formalized. Several concurrent..."
Developer Documentation
Links to papers and tutorials on servlets from Sun.
Download The Java Tutorial
"By reading the tutorial on java.sun.com, you'll be guaranteed of looking at the latest version. However, sometimes you might want to read the tutorial without ..."
Drag and Drop, Take 3 by John Zukowski
"My second article on drag and drop with the Java 2 platform from back in July has been a popular resource for demonstrating how to use drag anddrop. I've seen..."
Easier ways to handle arrays -- plus ---
---a little string manipulation "... cover two completely separate tools; neither is complex enough to warrant its own article, but there is a certain thematic..."
Exceptions in Java by Bill Venners
"For those of you who need a refresher on exceptions, this cover story companion piece is a valuable tutorial on the nuts and bolts of what exceptions are and ..."
Getting Started with JavaSpaces
"This tutorial is designed to help the experienced Java programming language developer get started writing their own programs that use JavaSpaces implementations..."
Graphics - Animation and Double Buffering
"Will extend what you know into a classical graphics problem - animation. To improve the illusion ofmotion will also introduce the use of double buffering ...."
Graphics - Getting Started
Takes a look at some relatively simple but interesting programs that illustrate the rendering of shapes and fonts.
Graphics - Overview of Advanced Image Proc...
"To an image-processing novice like myself, the advanced image processing capabilities of Java are somewhat mind-boggling. It would seem that a group of..."
Graphics and Colors - An Overview
"The Graphics class isthe abstract base class that provides all, or at least most, of the functionality for an application to draw onto components and onto..."
Graphics- Introduction to Images
"Provides an introduction to the handling of images in Java, including sample programs that illustrate some of the methods used to display an image in a Frame..."
Graphics- The Utility Methods
"What does it mean to "get a graphics context?" In layman's terms, this means that your application has gained the ability to draw or place images on a compone...."
Graphics- Working with Fonts
"You must understand the following classes (as a minimum) to understand how to draw text on the screen: String, Font, FontMetrics, and Toolkit..."
Graphics- Working with Shapes
Sample program contains sample drawings of most of the available shapes. Some are drawn more than once to illustrate different aspects of the associated method.
HotJava (tm) Browser from Sun
"While nospecification guarantees it, developers have learned that applets cancommunicate with one another through static data members. To reduce confusion and..."
How to Use BorderLayout, The Java Tutorial
"As the preceding applet shows, a BorderLayout has five areas: north, south, east,west, and center. If you enlarge the window, the center area gets as much of ..."
How to Use BoxLayout from The Java Tutorial
"The Swing packages include a general purpose layout manager named BoxLayout . BoxLayout either stacks its components on top of each other (with the first comp..."
How to Use CardLayout, The Java Tutorial
"As the preceding applet shows, the CardLayout class helps you manage two or more components (usually JPanel instances) that share the same display space."
How to Use FlowLayout, The Java Tutorial
"The FlowLayout class provides a very simple layout manager that is used, by default, by JPanels. Here's an applet that shows a flow layout in action:..."
How to Use GridBagLayout , The Java Tutorial
"GridBagLayout is the most flexible -- and complex -- layout manager the Javaplatform provides. A GridBagLayout places components in a grid of rows andcolumns,..."
How to Use Internal Frames, The Java Tutorial
"With the JInternalFrame class,you can display a JFrame-like window withinanother window.Usually, you add internal framesto a desktop pane.The desktop pane, in...."
How to Use Panels, from The Java Tutorial
"The JPanel class provides general-purpose containers for lightweightcomponents.By default, panels don't paint anything except for theirbackground;however, you ..."
Index to The Java Tutorial from Sun
The Java Tutorial, Second Edition, The JFC Swing Tutorial, Specialized trails, etc. This index will help you enter the tutorial at the appropriate online point.
Internet Helpers
Source Code, Links, Games, Tutorials, Software, Jobs, and Programmers Directory
Java Security API - Example
"This advanced example supposes that you are familiar with Object Serialization and Streams (including sockets). It is based on a client-server architecture.The..."
JavaBeans, A Skeleton Bean in the BeanBox
"This lesson shows you how to place a skeleton Bean in the JavaSoft BeanBox and how to use the BeanBox to test it. In this lesson, you will see that once you ..."
JavaBeans, A Skeleton Bean Program
"This lesson provides a skeleton Java Bean program that contains many of the interface characteristics required of all Beans. In addition, this lesson provides ..."
JavaBeans, Introspection
"The Introspector class provides a standard way for visual builder tools to learn about the properties, events, and methods of a target Bean's class...."
JavaBeans, Overview
"A Java Bean is a reusable software component that can be manipulated visually in a builder tool. The purpose of a Bean is to be installed in the toolbox of a ...."
JavaBeans, Properties of Beans, Bound ...
"A bound property notifies other objects when its value changes. Each time its value is changed,the property fires a PropertyChange event which contains the..." granularity is per bean, not per property...."
JavaBeans, Properties of Beans, Constrained...
"An object with constrained properties allows other objects to veto a constrained property value change. Constrained property listeners can veto a change by..."
JavaBeans, Properties of Beans, Simple ...
"This lesson provides information on Indexed properties. An example bean class is developed that includes Indexed properties. This bean class is examined with ..."
Lightweight Components, A Lightweight 3D...
"Following a general discussion on lightweight components, this lesson develops and discusses a class for a lightweight version of a 3D button that generally ..."
Lightweight Components, Exercising the ...
"This lesson provides several different applications designed to exercise the lightweight button under different layout managers. This provides the opportunity..."
Making GridBagLayout easier with JBuilder...
"This tutorial is designed to be viewed in a web browser, such as Netscape Navigator 4.05 or later, or Internet Explorer 4.0. The browser must have Java ..."
Model-View-Control, Observer and Observable
"The MVC concept has been used in the Smalltalk world for some time, and has now been carried forward into Java. The primary Java tools for implementing MVC are..."
Network Programming - Datagram Clients
"With UDP, there is no guarantee that the packets will arrive in the correct order at the destination, or no guarantee that they will arrive at all. However, ..."
Network Programming - Datagram Servers
"...will expand our previous server program to support echo processing of datagrams using the UDP protocol. This gives us a single program that supports three..."
Network Programming - General Information
"Many good books have been written on the technical details of networking and your are referred to one or more of those books to gain an in-depth knowledge of..."
Network Programming - InetAddress Class
"We will learn how to use the Java InetAddress class to find the domain name corresponding to an IP address, and to find the IP address corresponding to a domain.."
Network Programming - Server Sockets
"In this lesson, we will develop a TCP/IP server, implemented using Socket and ServerSocket, that can support both the echo port protocol and part of the HTTP..."
Network Programming - Sockets
"Sockets come in three varieties which are implemented by the Java classes named Socket, DatagramSocket, and ServerSocket. The first two socket classes represent.."
Network Programming - URL Class and ...
"URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. It is also the name of a class in Java which is the primary subject for this lesson. A URL is a pointer to a..."
Network Programming - URLConnection Class
"If you plan to use the URL class for the higher-lever capabilities that it offers, and you plan to write content handlers and protocol handlers, you will prob..."
Networking in Java by Brian Maso
"one of the most time-reducing capabilities of Java is its built-in Internet programmingfacilities. In Java's early stages, this capability contributed greatly ..."
Object Serialization, A First Look
"Object Serialization makes it possible to write objects to streams and read objects from streams without the requirement to decompose those objects into their..."
Presenting JavaBeans
Online tutorial (book) on JavaBeans
Reflection and the Method Class - I
"Reflection Enables Java code to discover information about the fields, methods and constructors of loaded classes, and to use reflected fields, methods, and..."
Reflection and the Method Class - II
"The purpose of this lesson is to demonstrate the invoke() method of the Method class using a very simple example program. More complicated programs which..."
Reflection and the Method Class - III
"This program uses reflection and hashtables to receive ActionEvents from several different sources and route them to the same or different destination methods ..."
Remote Method Invocation by Brian Maso
"This allows youto have multiple running copies of the same object in several differentJVMs at the same time. Those objects, once instantiated in the various..."
RMI - Activating an object that does not extend...
"This page shows you the steps for enabling an existing class to become activatable."
RMI - Applying the Factory Pattern to RMI
"A factory, in this context, is a piece of software that implements one of the "factory" design patterns introduced in the book, Design Patterns, Elements of ..."
RMI - Creating a Custom RMI Socket Factory
"A custom RMI socket factory is useful if (1) you want your RMI client and server to talk across sockets that encrypt or compress your data, or (2) you want to ..."
RMI - Creating an Activatable Object
"This page shows you the steps for creating an activatable object, by extending java.rmi.activation.Activatable."
RMI - Dynamic code downloading using RMI
"One of the most significant capabilities of the Java platform is the ability to dynamically download Java software from any Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to a..."
RMI - Getting Started Using RMI
"This tutorial shows you the steps to follow to create a distributed version of the classic Hello World program using Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI). While..."
RMI - Making a UnicastRemoteObject Activatable
"This page shows you the steps for migrating an existing UnicastRemoteObject to an activatable object, by extending java.rmi.activation.Activatable."
RMI - Remote Object Activation
Several different tutorials that show you how to use the remote object activation capability introduced in JDK 1.2.
RMI - The RMI Trail of The Java Tutorial
"This trail provides a brief overview of the RMI system and then walks through a complete client/server example that uses RMI's unique capabilities to load and ..."
RMI - The Scoop on RMI and SSL
"Tthe RMI group at Sun is providing a page that tells the complete RMI/SSL story. If this is a topic that interests you, or if you are interested in being inclu..."
RMI - Using a MarshalledObject to create ...
"The MarshalledObject class provides a flexible mechanism for passing persistence or initialization data through the ActivationDesc, registered with rmid, rathe..."
RMI, Introduction to Remote Method Invocation
"RMI makes it possible for code in an object running in one JVM to invoke methods in an object running in another JVM. The two JVMs may be running as separate..."
RMI, Passing and Returning Remote and ...
"With RMI, life is not quite so simple. If a method that is invoked on a remote object returns an ordinary object, a copy of the object is serialized and sent ...."
RMI with Multiple Objects of Different Types ...
"Previous lesson exposed two remote objects of same type, each with two methods.This lesson exposes two remote objects of different types, each with two..."
RMI with Multiple Objects of the Same Type ...
"Previous lesson exposed a single remote object, which exposed a single method.This lesson exposes two remote objects of the same type, each of which exposes two.."
Search the Java Tutorial from Sun
Search engine that allows you to search for topics inside the online version of The Java Tutorial
Servlet Essentials by Stefan Zeigler
"This document explains the concepts of Java Servlets and provides a step-by-step tutorial for writing HTTP Servlets with complete source code for the example ..."
Servlet Tutorial - Java Web Server
"The Java Web Server is both flexible and extensible. Using the Java Server APIs, you can write your own servletand incorporate it into the server. To do this, fo..."
Servlets by Cynthia Bloch
"The Servlets trail teaches you about servlets, the bodies of code that run inside servers, and extend their functionality. For example, servlets offer an ...."
Swing, Creating and Using Trees
"Swing makes it possible to create tree structures similar to Windows Explorer.The tree can be collapsed and expanded to hide or expose inner nodes in the tree..."
Swing, Custom List Selection Model for JList...
"The primary topic of this lesson is controlling how widgets respond to input. I will show you how you can control the rules for selection of elements in a JList.."
Swing, Custom Rendering of JList Cells
"The primary topic of this lesson is controlling how widgets look. I will show you how you can control the appearance of the elements in a JList object from two..."
Swing, Custom Rendering of Tree Nodes
"The look of the tree is subject to Swing's pluggable look and feel.The sample program in this lesson uses a Windows look and feel, although it can easily be..."
Swing, Hidden Buttons with Icons, Icon Images...
Deals with a lot of fun stuff in Swing."
Swing, Simplified Lists in Swing
"Swing components are designed around MVC in which the view and the control are combined into an object called a delegate. Delegates represent the model to the ..."
Swing, Understanding Component MVC ...
"Swing gives you the ability to control how a widget's data is represented.This capability involving data representation is the primary topic of this lesson."
The Java Tutorial Continued
"This web page has the most current information for The Java Tutorial Continued.Here you'll find information about the book's companion CD-ROM, pointers to ..."
The Java Tutorial FAQ
"This page attempts to answer the questions that readers most frequently send to the tutorial e-mail address. We hope this information helps you get your answers."
The Java Tutorial, from Sun, online version
Read The Java Tutorial,from Sun, online.
The Jini vision by Bill Venners
"This second installment of Jiniology puts Jini technology in context: it attempts to explain not how Jini works, but why it exists. Before diving into code..."
The JNDI Tutorial from Sun
"Building directory-enabled Java applications.This is the online version of the The JNDI Tutorial. It is modeled after The JavaTutorial by Mary Campione and Kathy..."
Tutorial 3: Parsing XML Using Java
"In this tutorial, you'll learn how to process XML documents using Java and the IBM XMLParser for Java (XML4J) Version 2 (V2.0.9 and greater). We'll code the..."
Using Design Patterns to Simplify Printing ...
From IBM, "We will start with the relatively primitive print methods that Java provides and then examine object-oriented programming techniques. These technique..."
Using Layout Managers
Information on using layout mangers from The Java Tutorial from Sun.
Using Reflection with Object Serialization ...
"This application is designed to illustrate the reflection capability of Java when used in conjunction with Object Serialization and Inner Classes..."
Your Own Java Layout Manager by Cory
"...explains how I designed a layout manager called StackLayout and provides useful tips on designing your own layout manager. StackLayout stacks display comp..."