All About XML by Dick Baldwin
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HEX - The HTML Enabled XML Parser
"This is a simple, 100% Java, non-validating XML parser with some hooks for more-or-less correct parsing of most HTML pages. It doesn't understand either SGML ..."
JXML: Java<-->XML Mailing List
"This list is intended for discussions relating to Java and XML, particularly with regard to the following: Java Class and Bean metadata expressed as XML documents. Conversion of Java Class metadata to bytecodes defining simple, data-only classes. ..."
Problems w/Swing's XMLOutputStream class
"Find out what's wrong, from the perspective of object-oriented design, with the XMLOutputStream class that's part of the newest version of Swing ..."
Sleeping with Java and XML by John Zukowski
"Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) is a data format for structured document exchange on the Web. The combination of XMLand Java seems to be getting a bit of ..."
Template Resolution in XML/HTML
"This paper describes a framework for applying templates to applications and documents on the Web. The primary motivation is the need of Web application ..."
Tutorial 3: Parsing XML Using Java
"In this tutorial, you'll learn how to process XML documents using Java and the IBM XMLParser for Java (XML4J) Version 2 (V2.0.9 and greater). We'll code the..."
Dick Baldwin's XML web site features many examples of the use of Java tools and programs for processing XML documents.