March 5, 2000

Learn to Program using Python

Tutorial Index

File Pyth0000.htm

by Richard G. Baldwin


1  Getting Started
4  Letís Do Numbers
8  Variables and Identifiers
12 Strings, Part I
16 Writing and Using Scripts
20 Syntax
24 Strings, Part II
28 Lists, Part I
32 Lists, Part II
36 Tuples, Index and Slice, 8/15
40 Nested Tuples, 9/1
44 Empty and Single-Item Tuples, 9/15
48 Unpacking Tuples, 10/1
52 Indexing Nested Tuples, 10/15
56 Slicing Nested Tuples, 11/1
60 Indirection, 11/15
64 Getting Started with Dictionaries, 12/1
68 Valid Keys, Key Lists, Iteration,12/15
72  Tuples as Keys, 1/1/01
76  Nestng, Sorting, Deleting, and Membership Testing Dictionary Elements, 1/15/01


Ready for delivery to EW

Must embed listings and call them listings. 
Also add preview and summary. 
Correct dates.  Move final listing to the end. 
Update Preface to mention JPython. 
Generate txt summary file. 
Eliminate upper case image file names.
Link to my web site.

Need more work before delivery to EW
80  2/1,
84  2/15,
88  3/1,
92  3/15
96  4/1
100 4/15

Not started yet

?? Object-Oriented Programming
?? Odds and Ends


Copyright 2000, Richard G. Baldwin

About the author

Richard Baldwin is a college professor and private consultant whose primary focus is a combination of Java and XML. In addition to the many platform-independent benefits of Java applications, he believes that a combination of Java and XML will become the primary driving force in the delivery of structured information on the Web.

Richard has participated in numerous consulting projects involving Java, XML, or a combination of the two.  He frequently provides onsite Java and/or XML training at the high-tech companies located in and around Austin, Texas.  He is the author of Baldwin's Java Programming Tutorials, which has gained a worldwide following among experienced and aspiring Java programmers. He has also published articles on Java Programming in Java Pro magazine.

Richard holds an MSEE degree from Southern Methodist University and has many years of experience in the application of computer technology to real-world problems.